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Irresponsible: What Surgeons Won't Tell You and How to Protect Yourself

by Mark Davis M.D.

Every day, thousands of unsuspecting patients enter operating rooms, where surgeons often fail to employ appropriate safeguards to prevent their exposure to HIV and hepatitis C. This breakthrough book tells what surgeons should be doing to protect patients (and themselves) from these deadly infections and tells the reader how to find surgeons and surgical facilities that do what is necessary to protect their patients. Now the public can learn the truth about this previously undisclosed health risk. In this startling revelation of the frequent omission of required safety measures, surgeon/author Mark Davis, M.D. provides a behind-the-scenes view of a previously undisclosed health threat. Eventually, everyone will face surgery, either their own or that of a relative. Irresponsible is a surgeon’s bold mission to make surgical procedures more transparent and safer for patients.